One of the primary decisions that you will have to make as a bride-to-be is finding your bridal dress. Your bridal dressshould showcase your look, natural beauty and elegance at the same timecausing you to look breathtaking and feel confident.

But the quest to find that dress outfit can seemtotallydaunting; whether seeking to gather designs for a bespokegown, or being spoilt for choice whenever choosing from a series. That's where a Bridaldeveloper like Minal Shah can help, with her expert adviceon what things to reflect on whenever choosingthat fabulousgarment.

Having been set up on the market for many years as a professional make-up musician and bridal developer, Minal's wedding collection, Micha Couture, extends pastbeautiful wedding gowns. Her sense of make-up and exquisite designs allows her to envision the ultimatewedding look that helps to arrive at a look of sophistication and magnificence.

Minal's many years ofknow-how available means that she's handled a huge range ofconcerns from completely different brides. Over time she hasgiven help and advice to numerous women that help to make choosingthat exceptional dress an easier process.

Your Desire Shaadi is delighted to share Minal's advice, and also to introduceyou to her top seven tips of bridal dressbliss, which means you can have your happily ever after.


Before you begin searching for your dress, you should have a vision of how you want to look. There are so many looks that you can performas a new bride, from the traditional white wedding look, to the vibrant Hollywood Bride, or even developing a themed dress. Go with something that will truly reflect you and that you are feeling comfortable wearing.

You will have to consider the time of calendar year you are gettingmarried, or if you are having a patio wedding. It won't be practical or warm wearing a stylishhalter neck dress in winter! This could keepyou from buying a dress that wont feel directly on the day.


Taking a look at assorted wedding planning magazinesand wedding web pages is a superbway of findingmotivation.

Keep tear-outs of photos that you wantand stay them into a scrap book or mood plank, which means you have a visualwhen seeingyour designer.

Try to whittle down your alternatives to at least 10 of your favourite dresses to show your designer which means you both have a definite notion of what varieties of dress you like.

If you're having your dress tailor made, take your visuals and be specific in what you want. Seek advice as to whether your chosendesigns will flatter you and your body shape.


Your bridal dress will probably cost more than some other outfit you own. But an elegantand graceful dress doesn't invariably mean additional money. It is important to establish your budget before movinginto a wedding store and then sticking withit. Temptation is hard to resist, and you may fall deeply in love with a dress that will greatly exceed your budget.

For dresses, the purchase priceis usually dependant on the amount of detail involved with making it.This can range significantly. Find out what options can be found to you within your budget, or what your budget canafford you for your wedding gown.


We all have parts of the body that we don't like. Dressing your body to improveall the right parts is simply a gameof proportion. Don't worryabout the parts of your body you do not want to pull focus on. It's aboutusing lines and light to accentuate your best assets.

The majority of females want to look taller and thinnerin their dress. The keything to remember is horizontal lines widen, while vertical lines elongate.

Diagonal details cut the width of the bodyand move the eye to another section of the body.


planning|experiencing} a religious {ceremony|wedding ceremony} {it may be|it might be|it could be} required {for you to|that you should|so that you can|that you can} be {dressed|outfitted} modestly. {It's important|It is important} you find out {exactly what|precisely what} would be appropriate to wear, which means you can incorporate new features into {or around|or about}your dress. {Having a|Using a|Possessing a|Creating a|Developing a|Getting a} slip on {is an|can be an} elegant and {glamorous|attractive|gorgeous} way {to cover up|to hide} and add another {dimension|dimensions|sizing|aspect} to your weddinglook, whilst also {having the|getting the} {freedom|independence}to {take it off|remove it} after the {ceremony|wedding ceremony}.


Try on {a variety of|a number of} {dresses|evening dresses}. A {dress|wedding dress|gown|costume|long dress} you've seen {on a|on the} {mannequin|model} or {someone else|another person} {may not|might not} flatter you as well as you thought. On many {occasions|events}, a dress that {you would|you'll} not look {twice|double}at {turns out to be|actually is} the one!

After {looking|having a look|glancing}and {assessing|evaluating|examining}in a three-way {mirror|reflection}, see {whether the|if the}dress feels good {on you|you}, how comfortable it is and whether {it gives|it offers}you that {confidence|self-confidence}boost.


{A great way to|A terrific way to} make things {more fun|more pleasurable} is to bring someone along {who will|who'll} enjoy {sharing|engaging in}this experience with you and {knows|understands} your sense of style. {But bear in mind|However}, the {more people|more folks} you bring the more {opinions|views} {you will have|you are going to have}, which can {confuse|distract} you from what {you really|you truly} want.

{Make use of the|Utilize the}wedding designers expertise. {They'll be|They will be|They are going to be} {able to|in a position to} suggest the best {cut|slice|lower|trim} and design {to suit your|to fit your} shape and {skin tone|complexion}.

{The most important|The main}{factor|concern|issue|aspect|thing|challenge}when finding your dress is {keeping|staying|remaining}{calm|relaxed}! Everything will all {come together|get together}{in the end|in the long run}, even if {it takes|it requires} longer than you {thought to|considered to} find {the one|the main one}. With my top tips, {finding that|discovering that} {dream|desire|fantasy|wish} dress {will be a|is a} fun and happy experience that you will never forget. {All the|All of the}{hard work|effort} and searching {will pay|can pay}off, as {you'll be|you will be} {the most beautiful|the most amazing} bride with a dress to {die|die|kill|die}for!