Specifically whatis a very goodand practicalraccoon deterrent? Raccoons are intelligentand stubbornpets. They can bequiteannoying. If they areliving aroundyour house, exercise extreme cautionwhen attemptingto get rid ofthem. If youare up againstthem, they'llstand their surfaceand problemyou. If you'retrying to get rid ofa raccoon, you need to understandhow their mindfunctions, what provokesthem, and theyaren'tas cuteas you see thebaby raccoons in the films. Fixinga raccon problem may takelots of time, work, and a little bit ofmoney, so youneed to beconsistentand patient when workingwith these versatile critters. If you are going throughthis, then you are lookingfor a reliableraccoon deterrent. By the way,if you're trying to findtheir nest, raccoons like tonest in trees and shrubs. But, be mindful. They are extremelyjurisdiccional. Seealot morerelating tothe use of electricfences to deterraccoons and other creatures.

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